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UST300 Scanning Acoustic Microscopy(SAM)

Scanning Acoustic Microscope is developed for inspection of the internal defect location, size and distribution in the semiconductor packages or materials using high frequency ultrasonic waves. It is very sensitive to bonding layer, so it can discover air holes, flaws, impurities and delaminations, etc. Scanning Acoustic Microscope is a kind of non-destructive device which can display waveforms and high resolution images of the inner of inspected objects, and can reserve small defects lost in destructive inspection. The inspected objects can be used unceasingly. GS400A Scanning Acoustic Microscope is mainly applied in the field of failure analysis, reliability analysis, process control, quality control, product development, process improvement, etc.

 Main Features
 Smartscan  Powerful SAM software –Smartscan, Chinese and English interface, lifetime free software upgrades.
 Scanning axis is made of linear motor, closed-loop control, high speed and precision, low noise.
 Separating type ultrasonic transmitting and receiving system, equipped with signal pre-amplification
device, low, high-pass filter, to ensure good signal quality.
 Wide variety of transducers, frequency range from 5MHz to 300MHz.
 Inspect mode: A, B, C, Body, Trassmission, Multi-layer, Offline scan,JEDEC tray scan,etc.

Defect size and area statistics, automatic calculation of the percentage of defects in the measurement area.

C Scan image peak, positive and negative peak image, phase reversal image and pseudo color images in real
time to switch, easy to analyze the device defects from different angles.
 Multiple detection results windows can display at the same time, and can be reanalyzed;

Main specifications:

 Ultrasonic transmitter receiver bandwidth : 5-300MHz(500MHz option)
 Ultrasonic transducer frequency range : 5MHz-300MHz
 A/D acquisition card frequency:1GSample/s 

 The max resolution of scan shaft: 0.5µm
 Maximum scanning speed:1000 mm/s
 Repeatability:±1µm
 Z Focus axis travel:100mm
 Maximum scanning range X/Y:
320mm X 320mm(Standard Machine)

320mm X 160mm (Through Scan Option)