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201SD  Hysteresisgraph
201SD automatically measure the Magnetizing Curve and Hysteresis Loop of the soft magnets under static(DC) condition. Precisely measure and show static magnetic characteristics, such as initial permeability(μi), max permeability(μm), saturated flux density(Bs), remanence(Br), coercivity(Hc) and hysteresis loss.  
According to the classic ballistic method principle,201SD combines the computer control   and A/D、D/A, replace the conventional ballistic galvanometer with electronic integrator, achieve the analog ballistic measurement under microprocessor. It completely removes the non-instant error and is more accurate, faster and with a good repeatability. It removes various kind of artificial factors, offers a stable basis to study the magnetizing progress.


Applied Standards

  • GB/T 13012-2008 Soft magnet static(DC) hysteresisgraph measurement
  • GB3656-83 Pure iron for electrical grade measurement
  • GB3657-83 Soft magnetic alloy DC measurement
  • GJB 937-90 Soft magnet permeability measurement
  • IEC 60404-4 Soft magnet static(DC) hysteresisgraph measurement
  • IEC 60404-7 Coercivity measurement in opened magnetic circuit

Measured Parameters

  • Initial permeability (μi)
  • Max permeability (μm)
  • Saturated flux density (Bs)
  • Remanence (Br)
  • Coercivity (Hc)
  • Hysteresis loss (Pu)
  • B(H) magnetization curve
  • B(H) hysteresis loop
  • µ(H) permeability curve

Main Features

1. Apply to: soft magnetic ferrites, permalloy, amorphous, nanocrystalline, iron dust core, electrical pure iron and silicon steel etc.
2. Sample shape: ring, toroid, E and U closed circuit.
3. Closed circuit samples directly winded: samples, magnetized coils(N1), measuring coil(N2) form a non-load transformer.
4. Measure open-circuit samples need fixtures(solenoid or permeameter optional), its inner field is measured by a built-in magnetic potentiometer(optional).
5. Measure the field strength through testing the magnetizing current, field locking accuracy up to 0.1%.
6. Measure the flux density by electrical integrator, the integrator ZERO drift self-correcting by software.
7. Measuring method: analog ballistic and magnetic field sweep.
8. Adopt analog ballistic method to measure basic magnetization curve, can accurately measure magnetic characteristic parameters on magnetization curve: μi, μm, Bs, value μ of any point.  
9. Adopt analog ballistic method and magnetic field sweep to measure saturation hysteresis loop, can accurately measure magnetic characteristic parameters on hysteresis loop: Bs, Br, Hc and Pu. (This method is only used by Linkjoin, highly approved the accuracy)
10. Automatic demagnetizing function before μi test, demagnetizing with saturated AC 10Hz.
11. Select to test single parameter with analog ballistic method to save time, the time of every testing point can be set from 0.1 second to 0.9 second.
12. Adopt the B speed feedback, it can automatic regulate the density with the shape of sample magnetic characteristic curve, and curve can also be tested according to the testing point predefined by users.

Software Functions

1. Operate under Windows7, complied to Windows software restricts, easy to operate.
2. Automatic control, intelligent judgment, without manual operation all through the progress.
3. Sampling waveform and instrument status under real-time monitoring, and can be stopped at any time.
4. The effective sectional area and length of magnetic path of samples can be calculated according to the overall dimension of samples.
5. Automatic detecting sample condition, facilitate users to test unknown samples.
6. System adopts database format, can directly print or output test result to Excel form.
7. Various file management functions: data saving and deleting, remove all the data etc.       
8. Data files contain complete sampled data, sample parameters, instrument parameters and testing schemes, adopt text format, can be conveniently typed into other software.
9. Display B(H) magnetization curve, B(H) magnetic hysteresis loop or μ(H) permeability curve, and can display coordinate information of every data point on curve.
10. Support various kinds of printers, test report accurately match printer sheet. Print preview function, it can conveniently regulate the size and edge distance of test report. Test report can be directly printed, or generate JPG image file.
11. JPG image file can be sent directly through E-mail, or saved into disk.
12. Test reports contain complete curve diagrams, test results, test conditions and sample parameters, both Chinese and English format can be adopted to facilitate adding user mark and enterprise name.
13. Multiple unit system optional to satisfy the application habits of different users.

Software Interface

Test Reports

Technical Parameters

Measure standard ring sample (ferrite), reports as following,

Parameters Bs(%) Br(%) Hc(%) Pu(%) μm(%) μi (%)
Uncertainty(k=2) 1 1 1.5 1 2 5
Repeatability ± 0.5 ± 0.5 ± 0.5 ± 0.5 ± 1 ± 3

Hardware Parameters

201SD/K50 Hysteresisgraph   201SD/K75 Hysteresisgraph
Output Voltage: 0~±50V
Output Current: 1mA~10A,13 auto-ranges
Current Fineness:< 0.1%×current range
Current Stability: better than 0.05%
Flux Range: 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 mWb
Fluxmeter Sensitivity: 0.05μWb(ballistic)   0.1μWb(sweep)
  Output Voltage: 0~±35V
Output Current: 1mA~20A,13 auto-ranges
Current Fineness:< 0.1%×current range
Current Stability: better than 0.05%
Flux Range: 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 mWb
Fluxmeter Sensitivity: 0.05μWb(ballistic)      0.1μWb(sweep)
PC6616 A/D Card    
A/D convert : 16Bit,8channels differential input
Convert period : < 10μs
Convert accuracy : 0.02%(full range)
D/A convert : 16Bit,2channels output
Convert accuracy : 0.1%(full range)
IPC (ADVANTECH IPC-510)   Printer
Main Board: G41, 5PCI slot, 2*RS-232
CPU: E5300 dicaryon 2.6G
RAM: DDR3 1333, 2G
Hard disk: Seagate500G,SATA,16M
Operating system: Windows XP or Windows 7
  Type: Laser printer
Max print size:A4
Print speed: reach to 18ppm
Max resolution: 1200x1200dpi
Consumables: cartridge and powder together
Capacity of carton: 150pcs, ordinary paper


Serial No. Product Name Model Qua. Unit Remarks
1 Hysteresisgraph 201SD 1 set  
2 Data Acquisition Card PC6616(Insert in computer) 1 piece Install in computer
3 Measurement Software SMTest (Install in computer) 1 set  
4 Computer Advantech IPC 1 set With 18.5 inch monitor
5 Printer HP1108 laser printer 1 set Blank laser printer
6 Standard Specimen Ring 1 piece  
7 Cabinet   1 set  

As the products of our company are in constant updates, the change of products without pre-notice.


Model Standard Solenoid Class A  Permeameter Customized Permeameter
Test Equipment
Environment Temperature 23℃5±℃
Humidity <65%
Length 50cm Customized according to requirements Customized according to requirements
Max magnetic field 30kA/m 120kA/m 30kA/m
Specimens type Strip, rod, and sheet Strip, rod, and sheet Strip, rod, and sheet
Specimens size L/D ratio>1:20 Length>250mm Diameter 4mm, Length 50mm
Measured parameters Relative permeability ur of weak magnetic materials Saturation magnetic induction Bs Saturation magnetic induction Bs